EU European Public Space Vienna

Conference room

The Information Office of the European Parliament and the Delegation of the European Commission functions as a link between EU institutions and people and institutions in Austria. The objective is to keep information flowing in both directions. The media technology devised for the EU Delegations supports this objective with flexible and multifaceted audio and video equipment. The audio system consists of several subcomponents, which are combined into an overall system. Besides the sound system, a wireless conference system is available, as well as a mobile sound system for hearing-impaired participants. The video technology offers options for video projections, laptop presentations and for recording events, for which three remote-controlled, fixed ceiling cameras are installed in HD quality. Camera signals can be processed on a video mixer and transmitted to the screens and video projection or recorded on DVD. In addition, there is the option of transmitting the video signal of an event or presentation to the internal TV network. The AV system is controlled by means of a mobile touch panel. The acoustic control of the system is performed via a mixing board, which is integrated into a mobile media carriage together with video mixer, preview monitors and camera control unit.