New OPEC Headquarters, Vienna

Media Technology

OPEC presents itself in its new headquarters in the centre of Vienna as a global organisation and leading player in the global economy. Technical equipment needs to meet the demands of the organisation’s high profile and provide a superlative infrastructure for employees, journalists and guests. In order to provide for internal communications, presentations and external media presence, a comprehensive video and audio system has been installed in the large auditorium, the press conference room, and the smaller meeting and conference rooms. The entire system can be remote-controlled from a technical station, where the audio signals can be recorded or transmitted to the TV studio and other conference rooms. All connections and output options for presentations (e.g. on a video wall or table-integrated, extendable monitors) have been put into place. The conference room has been equipped with a professional lighting system, guaranteeing a TV-compatible illumination of the podium. A TV studio directly next to the press conference room provides scope for video editing, web streaming, satellite transmissions and in-house signal output. Fixed cameras installed in the conference rooms can be remote-controlled from the TV studio, transmitting images in broadcast quality and high definition. There are numerous connection options for external camera teams. Uplink satellite dishes have been installed on the roof of the new OPEC headquarters so as to avoid connection problems in the densely built-up urban area. Information stations with a documentary film on 50 years of OPEC and a "Who's Who" database complete the technical equipment providing information and insight into the organisation and its work.