Vienna State Opera

Virtual Tour

For the many opera lovers from Austria and abroad who come to Vienna to see a performance, their visit is incomplete without a subsequent tour of the Vienna State Opera. checkpointmedia has created around 20 different, high resolution, 360-degree panoramas, from rooftop views of Vienna to tours of the auditorium, below stage, the flies and the cellar. The tour affords visitors an inside look at the lesser known, elusive and inaccessible recesses of the opera house on the Ring as well as the rehearsal stage in the Arsenal.


Extremely good resolution and the unusual way the camera focuses on objects means that the smallest details can be spotted and closely studied. An integrated motion sensor allows tablet-users to find their way around as if they were actually there in person. The virtual tour can also be experienced using a conventional mouse and keyboard.
Hotspots providing background information are located at every station of the tour. Here users can find details about the statues and ceiling murals of the grand staircase, the technicalities of stage machinery, and much more.


Visitors are treated to particularly spectacular vistas as a result of automatic panning.