aspern Die Seestadt Wiens

Comprehensive web relaunch

aspern Die Seestadt Wiens, Vienna’s “Laketown”, is currently the biggest urban development project in the whole of Europe. Due for completion in 2028, high-quality housing for over 20,000 people is being created in several phases along with an equal number of jobs.

And as the Seestadt grows, its internet presence must develop too. checkpointmedia has now combined the previously separate sites of the Seestadt Wien, the development company responsible, wien 3420 AG, and the local district management to form a single site with a modern look.


The business section “Wirtschaftsstandort” is an informative portal for all interested investors and project developers. The “Lebenswelt” section contains everything that those already living or working there (and of course anyone else with an interest) need to know about the Seestadt.

An in-depth blog ( offers reports on the wide range of activities in the Seestadt. Map tools provide information on the developments so far and those planned for the future.