The Marshall Plan

Teaching materials for schools

After checkpointmedia had already played a leading role in the great jubilee celebration "70 Years of the Marshall Plan" and had put together an exhibition for this occasion, which could subsequently be seen at various locations in Austria, the materials developed were also to be prepared for teaching purposes and thus made available to schools throughout Austria.

In order to be easily accessible for both teachers and pupils, the contents were incorporated into the platform " - Lernen mit System". LMS is a learning and collaboration platform for schools and is operated by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

The content already developed for the exhibition was restructured for this purpose. Registered users can use the topic in different ways. In addition to an animated film that briefly explains the Marshall Plan, detailed texts, extensive picture galleries and a quiz are available. All content is available in both German and English.
The contents were created with the help of a scientific advisory board. The historical images were made available by the Austrian National Library.

Scientific Advisory Board:
Günter Bischof (Marshall Plan Professor of History and Director, Center Austria, University of New Orleans) and Dr. Hans Petschar (Austrian National Library)