Client: Bertelsmann AG
Year: 2010
Format: Website, Film / animation, CD / DVD

175 years of Bertelsmann

DVD for the book publication

To celebrate the firm's 175th anniversary, Bertelsmann published the anthology "175 years of Bertelsmann - the legacy for our future" which provides a review of the company's development since 1835. It spans the entire history, from humble beginnings in a small lithographers' workshop in Gütersloh to the worldwide concern of today and reveals what was, and still is, the key to Bertelsmann's success. Following a planning and production period of over a year the publication was made available to the approximately 100,000 employees of the Bertelsmann concern free of charge. The multimedia elements - a bonus DVD with rarely seen photos and film material plus an animated history - were planned and produced by checkpointmedia. Users can interactively "explore" the history of the Bertelsmann company using a 3D navigation tool. The main element of this tool is a cube that can be turned using the cursor. Each side of the cube represents a different period. When users select a period, the timeline appears as a virtual road that takes them through the most important events - each of which is represented by a 3D excerpt. Each of the milestones can be clicked on. This opens a brief summary and a submenu from which rarely seen visual material and video clips can be selected. In addition, users can apply specific filter criteria to select which milestones are displayed so they can focus on particular aspects of the Bertelsmann story.


The anthology published in 2010 won platinum at the prestigious Inspire Awards of the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP).