Essl Museum – Contemporary Art

Website relaunch

The Essl Museum with its 7,000 exhibited works from the Essl Collection is one of the most important private museums of contemporary art in the world.
The entire website has been relaunched using a concept developed by checkpointmedia. The programming and design, both by checkpointmedia, have given  the website a new look and provided it with a host of enhanced functions. The comprehensive art education programme has been revised and given a clearer layout. The newly integrated calendar showcases the wide range of activities taking place at the Essl Museum, which include musical performances and readings as well as exhibitions. One of the main aims in the creation of the new website was to provide more space for the images. The artist archive with biographies written by the Essl Museum’s experts has also been redesigned.
The website’s other special features include a relational data structure linking exhibitions, catalogues, dates and artists and which allows the user to be more intuitively guided through the website, and a bookshop with shopping cart and payment interface.