Hofburg Vienna


checkpointmedia has ensured that the high standards which typify the Hofburg Vienna are reflected in the newly created website. The site, which is availabe in German and English, is compatible with all resolutions (responsive web design) and the streamlined navigation, pared down to four main areas, has been designed to facilitate content searches. 
A special highlight are the aerial tours, created with Google Earth and incorporated into the website–a tour begins from each of the three Hofburg entrances.  Additional integrated video sequences, which show the Hofburg in 3D - floor by floor with sophisticated, realistic exterior facades (created using photo texturization) - allow the full extent of the individual floors including entrances, foyers, main rooms and side rooms to be appreciated.
An extensive application provides a clearer overview of all the rooms in the Hofburg, displayed in the form of a fact list with key information together with floor plans. The location of the selected room or group of rooms is shown on the floor plan and helpful info icons can be additionally displayed.  Each floor can also be viewed individually and enlarged as required. Thanks to responsive web design, the floor plans are seamlessly compatible with all resolutions and browsers. Integrated virtual tours bring the individual rooms to life–so that one feels as if one were really there - and can be experienced with different seating setups (theatre, classroom or banquet style).       
The website offers extensive information and assistance regarding organising events as well as information about the Hofburg itself. Special attention has been given to the presentation of directions on how to get to the Hofburg, which have been compiled using Google Maps. Users can customize their own routes, which can also be sent by email.
The website also provides a revised event calendar, an extensive image section with photo galleries updated daily and categorized search results.