Krones AG

company museum

Krones AG is the global leader in plant construction for filling and packaging technology in the beverage industry. On entering the Krones headquarters in Neutraubling, Bavaria, visitors are greeted by a row of five upended monitors. They show macro photos of liquids in movement: a drop of water hitting a surface, a glass of wine being filled, Coca-Cola fizzing, the slow pouring of oil. Customised software enables the film to be modified and tailor-made for each visitor in less than 15 minutes so that each guest can be received in an individual way. The company museum presents 50 years of history and technical development at Krones. A backlit exhibition wall, 30 metres long, displays its history in short texts, images and original exhibits; monitors also function as "photograph albums in motion". Glass display cases containing original objects extend out of this wall and into the surrounding space. Situated opposite, and acting as a counterbalance to the virtual narrative, is an exhibition of massive historical machines, whose functions are in turn shown on screens.