Multimedia attraction "The Alice fairytale"

Sketching of design elements, planning and realisation of technical implementation

Since the end of July 2019, the fairytale character Alice has been inviting children aged 4 and above to the 500m2 interactive multimedia world "The Alice fairytale" in WIEN MITTE - The Mall.
Professional amateurs lead groups of maximum 14 children through an experience world, where 12 rooms with projections covering the entire wall can be used for interactive tasks. Sophisticated sensor technology allows visitors to interact with the projections in a variety of ways. The company uses a new form of entertainment – phygitality.  The term connects the digital and physical world of experience, in which children can interact on large projection screens using a mix of different technologies without having to wear special equipment on their bodies. The "Happy Rabbit" restaurant, for which Sebastian Neuschler, who previously managed the "Marktlücke" restaurant on the Karmelitermarkt, was recruited as head chef, is also connected.
checkpointmedia conceived and built design elements such as the large book at the entrance, the keyhole, the giant mushrooms and the glowing flowers, planned schematics, cables, hardware and installed the complex media technology that formed the basis for the Moscow based company HELLO that developed the concept, characters and venue plan and created the interactive software for the installations.
In addition, checkpointmedia was also responsible for the sound system in the restaurant area, the presentation technology in the party rooms and the entire control of the individual areas.