MuTh – The Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys’ Choir

Technical Equipment

Commissioned by the WSK Konzertsaal Errichtungs GmbH, checkpointmedia  installs audio, video and lighting equipment in the “MuTh”, the music and theatre venue of the Vienna Boys’ Choir.
checkpointmedia technicians worked on the MuTh building site for five months from the beginning of July to the end of December 2012.
The concert hall has been fully fitted with audio equipment, lighting, video projection equipment, a communication system and a media controller. At the heart of the sound system is the mixing desk by the renowned English manufacturer SSL, which is custom-made for the MuTh and is a one-off piece. Besides the auditorium mix, this desk also has up to 27 outputs for the sound system and enables complex routings for the purpose of recording or broadcasting.
The sound system includes  23 loudspeakers by Kling&Freitag installed as fixed appliances. These speakers can be used for music or cinema surround sound (Dolby 7.1). Over 90 spotlights by ADB and ETC illuminate the stage and provide correct lighting for performers. The spots are controlled by the grandMA, an exceptionally flexible lighting control console. Movies are projected onto a 10-metre-wide screen by a Barco HDX-W14 projector. The projector is built into the balustrade.
Much of what checkpointmedia has installed is hidden from the audience’s view, such as the technical room, which is located below the stage and is the technical core of the building. All the cables needed for lighting, sound and video come together in this room. Together, they have a total length of over 29 km.
Besides installing various AV elements, checkpointmedia also planned and programmed a flexible media control system, with which the most important parameters, such as lighting, video and audio, can be controlled from different places in the building. For instance, the house lights can be switched on or off from the stage manager’s position and the projector and media player can be operated by remote control.