Silhouette International Schmied AG

Film to mark 50th anniversary

An almost 3-minute animated film marks the 50th anniversary of Silhouette International Schmied AG, whisking the viewer on a rousing journey through the history of the world’s leading brand in light eyewear. The film depicts each decadal chapter in the company’s history using a unique graphic style.
The 1960s: the largely French influenced fashion of the time led to the internationally catchy name, Silhouette, being chosen at the launch of this Austrian, family-owned company. The prevailing lifestyle of consumption swiftly led to worldwide export of the eyewear. 
The 1970s were epitomized by a new feeling of freedom: ‘love, peace and music’ was the maxim of the day. The motto ‘think pink’, take it easy, inspired the creation of the first rimless frames – a concept that would become Silhouette’s core competence.
1980s fashion was characterised by a boom in fitness clothing, whilst masculine looking  eyewear was designed to summon more respect and space for a woman. ‘Enlightenment’ was provided with new materials such as the SPX plastic, specially developed by Silhouette for its eyewear.
The 1990s saw Silhouette creating eyewear decor with African wild animal patterns, transforming puristic spectacles by providing them with never-before-seen lightness and technical perfection, and finally launching a technological masterpiece onto the market with the first Titan Minimal Art eyewear.
In the 2000s, Titan Minimal Art was launched into outer space on 35 separate NASA missions and since the end of the decade the barely felt, hingeless and rimless eyewear has graced modern faces on the Earth too.  
Animation: Oleg Prodeus