Silvio Nickol gourmet restaurant Palais Coburg

Media technology and live feed from the kitchen

The Palais Coburg is the former residence of the princely House of Coburg-Gotha. Its history as a building encompasses six centuries, all apparent in the various layers of the building. The hotel and gastronomy business accommodated in the Palais is positioned at the high end of the market and offers its public a corresponding ambience. A comprehensive audio-visual system has been set up in the "Silvio Nickol Gourmetrestaurant Palais Coburg", with the aim of of enhancing the sensory delights of the guests' dining experience. Two cameras transmit kitchen operations live on two display screens in the restaurant. A high-performance sound system integrated almost invisibly into the architecture provides for homogeneous sound distribution in the restaurant area. A customised media control system has been programmed to operate the audio-visual components.