Vienna Zoo

Implementation of media stations for the „Polar Dome“ in the new Polar Bear World of the zoo

Dagmar Schratter, the zoo director, said: „As a scientific zoo with an educational responsibility, we have the chance to inform our guests about why protecting species and our environment is so important.“
In the so called „Polar Dome“, located in the center of the new enclosure with barrier-free access, visitors can watch polar bears, seals and penguins on different floors. Here at the information center visitors can also find out more about polar bears, the impact of climate change on polar bears and their sensitive artic habitat.
While exhibition design and concept was planned by Studio Kudlich, checkpointmedia installed all media stations: documentary films about tracking polar bears via PBI, polar expeditions, glacier calving and polar caps melting as well as the course of the seasons at the north and south poles.
In addition, acoustic signals of animal and polar sounds were installed and projection showcases integrated, interactive games like „Catch the krill“ and the animal sound quiz were implemented. A projection of polar bear paws and an interactive table in the middle of the Polar Dome complete the exhibition. Here, children of all ages can play several games (Ice Wall, Attention! Penguins, To the Pole by Ship) or paint a picture of aurora, or learn more about the history of polar exhibitions in the „Race to the Poles“.