Madame Tussauds Vienna: Redesign of the media technology

Modern design and operating concept for the exhibition 2020

checkpointmedia revised and expanded the media technology of the exhibition and technical facilities, created and implemented a modern design and operating concept for the operation of the exhibition.

Funeral Museum at Vienna Central Cemetery


On 8/10/2014 the newly built museum opened underneath the viewing room Aufbahrungshalle II with a wealth of new exhibits and multimedia elements.

Vienna Transport Museum

Interactive Media Terminals 2014

Commissioned by Wiener Stadtwerke, checkpointmedia designed and programmed seven interactive media terminals as part of a journey through the 150-year history of public transport in Vienna.

Funeral Museum at the Vienna Central Cemetery

Construction Phase 2014

As winner of the tender by the funeral company Bestattung und Friedhöfe Wien, checkpointmedia, together with OMS as full service general contractor, has been commissioned with the construction and design of the new museum.

experimenta Heilbronn

Planning and implementation of the music workshop 2013

checkpointmedia develops and installs a new music workshop with three studios for experimenta Heilbronn.

"Erste-Campus-Schauplatz" for Erste Group

Visitor centre for Erste Group’s new headquarters 2012

Visitor centre for Erste Group’s new headquarters

Volksbank Hamm

Planning and fitting out of the consultancy and event centre 2012

In its so-called “Members’ Oasis”, Volksbank Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia not only stages seminars and events but also a multimedia exhibition on the subject of “Wishes, Value and Money”. checkpointmedia is responsible for planning and installing the media equipment.

Wiener Stadtwerke

Info-lounge furniture and ceiling projection 2012

checkpointmedia devises and installs a spatial intervention for Wiener Stadtwerke’s large foyer that presents the company’s achievements and vision to visitors.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Update: media player 2012

checkpointmedia has developed and installed a special media player for the individual display of information for the media wall and "time machine" in the visitor centre of Austria's parliament.

Six interactive terminals for OPEC

"Wheels of time" and "Who is Who"stations 2012

checkpointmedia is responsible for the design concept and technical implementation of information terminals in the headquarters of OPEC, Vienna.

Baku Flame Towers in Azerbaijan

Architectural model and interactive information system 2012

Study for an interactive information system for potential investors in Baku Flame Towers.

Wiener Stadtwerke entrance hall

Concept study 2011

checkpointmedia develops several items of lounge furniture for the Wiener Stadtwerke entrance hall; these also function as exhibits and information carriers and together form a corporate museum.

BASF Fractal Field

Media installation concept 2011

A three-dimensional media installation depicts living structures, with a focus on dynamics, movement and transformation.

New Raiffeisen building Vienna

Plan for building extension 2010

The media sculpture "Energiehaushalt" (Energy Management) is a column, four metres high and half a metre wide, displaying the office building's daily energy production and consumption processes. Entries are continuously supplied by the building's smart-metering system.

New film for the media wall in the Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Animated film 2010

As part of the multimedia presentations in the visitor centre in Vienna's Parliament building, checkpointmedia has installed a big media wall consisting of 24 rear projection units. In 2010 a new animated film was planned and produced for the media wall.

Visitor information in Parliament

Media technology 2008

checkpointmedia has installed five multilingual "wide-stretched" monitors providing information for visitors at the security checkpoint of the Parliament building. A variety of different texts can be selected and edited using a web interface.

Monitor installation for Krones AG

Media installation 2008

The foyer, a company's business card: "An increasing number of companies are turning their attention to the design of their foyers," says Stefan Reiter, checkpointmedia's CFO. "They are every company's 'business card” and are decisive in shaping the first impression a visitor gains of the company offices."
This is the reason why the multimedia elements designed by checkpointmedia for foyers do more than just present the company: they can also personally “communicate” with anyone entering the building.

Krones AG

company museum 2008

The company museum presents 50 years of history and technical development at Krones. A backlit exhibition wall, 30 metres long, displays the firm’s history in short texts, images and original exhibits; monitors also function as "photograph albums in motion".

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Upgrade of the research stations “Wer ist Wer?” 2007

Implementation of combined queries and merging of database content.

voestalpine Visitor Centre

Presentation for a competition 2007

Under the title of "Expedition voestalpine" checkpointmedia developed a concept for a visitor centre on the premises of the Linz steelworks. The visitor centre was designed in combination with the company tour to provide an all-inclusive experience.

Kulturfabrik Hainburg

Media panel 2007

A "media panel" provides information on the history of the area, the flora and fauna found above and in the water and the development of the National Park renaturized river bank. A film loop running on six monitors shows an animated feature on the development of the bank since 1773, images of the fauna found on the flood plain and a brief history of the power station that was once planned in Hainburg.

Tours of the Vienna Boys' Choir

Info terminal 2007

For the foyer of the Vienna Boys' Choir's Augartenpalais, checkpointmedia creates an information terminal, which presents the choir's numerous tours as an interactive journey.

Information terminal for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Mobile information for Vienna’s Chamber of Commerce 2006

The Chamber of Commerce in Vienna is supplied with a mobile information terminal that can be used at different sites to display information relevant to the given location.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Information stations, ‘Who is who?` 2006

Interactive people search, clickable seating plan and statistics dating from 1907 to the present day.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Multimedia to convey knowledge 2005

The visitors' centre at the Austrian Parliament, created by architects Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler, represents an opening up to the outside world and provides a gathering point for tourists and interested citizens.