As one of the most successful representatives of Creative Industries Vienna/Austria, checkpointmedia acts as an interface between arts/culture and the business world.

checkpointmedia creates new synergies from a combination of multimedia products and online and offline services. From specific solutions to whole packages, our customer service ranges from consulting and concept creation to production, quality assurance and maintenance.

Established in 2001, checkpointmedia was born from a collective of multimedia pioneers determined to innovate. Now our team, led by managing directors Stefan Unger, Marc Schuran and Virgil Widrich, blends expertise with a dynamic network of collaborators. We craft immersive multimedia experiences, seamlessly merging technology and artistry.

Our projects, situated at the crossroads of culture and commerce, redefine traditional boundaries. From themed architecture to cutting-edge on- and offline communication, our approach fosters engagement without intrusion, ensuring a uniquely sensory journey.

With an eye toward igniting curiosity and leaving a lasting impression, we continually seek fresh perspectives and push boundaries.


Trusted Partners

The fact that we have been in business for so many years means that we have built up a loyal and trusted network of suppliers and partners in a wide range of branches. These are a few with whom we often currently work.

Austrian Event Award 2022
Rosenbauer exhibition stand
April 20, 2023

Event organizer: mac. brand spaces GmbH Partner agencies: Beyond disciplines, vorauerfriends, Ars Electronica Solutions, checkpointmedia

Skiareatest Summer 2020 - Art and culture - Gold
Besucherzentrum Sconarium
Skiareatest Summer 2020 - Ideas & Implementation - Gold
Besucherzentrum Sconarium
WorldMediaFestival Finalist
intermedia-finalist diploma for the foyer of "Wiener Stadtwerke"
April 16, 2013

The WorldMediaFestival, founded in the year 2000, celebrates the world’s most outstanding achievements in corporate film, television, web and print productions. The award is regarded internationally as one of the most prestigious in the visual media sector. checkpointmedia was awarded the intermedia-FINALIST DIPLOMA in the category Corporate Communications: Multimedia Installations for their project “Wiener Stadtwerke Info Lounge Furnishings and Ceiling Projection”. The task to be accomplished in this project was to install a spatial intervention in the large foyer of Wiener Stadtwerke and use it to present the company in a visitor-friendly way. The items of furniture for the info lounge were developed as standalone objects that give the room structure. They serve as multimedia information carriers and can also be used as furniture. To complement and counterbalance the furniture and its factual, thematic focus, a ceiling projection was developed that combines technical complexity with a light and playful elegance. The projection shows animated depictions of Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart City.

WorldMediaFestival Gold
Intermedia-globe GOLD for checkpointmedia’s book
April 2, 2012

The WorldMediaFestival, founded in the year 2000, celebrates the world’s most outstanding achievements in corporate film, television, web and print productions. The award is regarded internationally as one of the most prestigious in the visual media sector. With “Presentation and New Media – 10 Years checkpointmedia: Concepts, Paths, Visions” checkpointmedia wins the intermedia-globe GOLD award in the “Corporate Print/Special Interest” category. This accolade brings with it nomination for the festival’s Grand Award and the Grand Prix. Besides presenting examples of checkpointmedia’s work over the past ten years, the book also contains essays by leading contempororary figures on current discourses on the media, worlds of discovery, communication and the internet.
Silver Award at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
"What makes Erste Group great?"
October 19, 2011

On 13 October 2011 the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards were presented for the second time. The film "What makes Erste Group great?" conceived and produced by checkpointmedia for the Erste Group, won the Silver Award in the category "Marketing Communication", fighting off competition from 410 productions from 27 countries. "What makes Erste Group great?" was created to mark the 190th anniversary of the Erste Bank. The film brings to life the original vision that led to the founding of the Erste Bank in 1819 and shows how the past, present and future are inextricably linked. This historical outline aims to raise awareness about the origins and growth of the Erste Group and to emotionally anchor the information in the minds of staff and customers. Combining facts and figures with animated sequences using historical and present-day images, the film appeals to every target group in the countries in which the Erste Group is active, even if they have no previous knowledge of the company. "What makes Erste Group great?" is available to the 50,000 employees via an internal communication network and to the Erste Group's customers via a number of different platforms. This ensures that the key message, "We opened our doors 190 years ago and have not closed them since" reaches as many people as possible.
Webby Awards
"175 years of Bertelsmann - the legacy for our future"
April 26, 2011

The Webby Award is one of the most prestigious prizes in the internet and multimedia industry. The awards have been presented every year since 1996. Winners are chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, an interdisciplinary organisation that has 750 members worldwide, among them many well-known names including film director Darren Aronofsky, Huffington Post Media Group president Arianna Huffington, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, rock legend David Bowie, internet "co-founder" Vint Cerf, chairman of the Virgin Group Richard Branson and R/GA president and CEO Bob Greenberg. To do justice to the outstanding quality of this year's entries, official honours were introduced in 2011 on the initiative of the Academy, which, besides the nominations and prizes, are awarded to the best of the 10,000 entries worldwide. The criteria for these honours are, like the awards themselves, content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity and the overall user experience. checkpointmedia received the accolade "Official Honoree of the 15th Annual Webby Awards" in the Corporate Communications category for the website commemorating the 175th anniversary of Bertelsmann. Under the banner "175 years of Bertelsmann - the legacy for our future" checkpointmedia created a multimedia chronicle that uses an innovative navigation system to provide numerous texts, images, sound and film documents from the extensive Bertelsmann company archives, some of which have not been previously released. Access to the chronicle is by means of a floating cube that can be turned at will. Each of the cube's sides represents one era of the company's history. The virtual journey through the various eras takes place along a time bar that contains milestones of the company history. Visitors to the site can travel back and forth through time at will and can, at many points along the timeline, contribute their own personal memories, experiences and impressions and share them with other users. The numerous filters and opportunities for further exploration combine to produce a user-friendly and dynamic journey through 175 years of company history.

Inspire Award
"175 years of Bertelsmann - the legacy for our future"
April 13, 2011

To celebrate the concern's 175th anniversary, Bertelsmann published the anthology "175 years of Bertelsmann - the legacy for our future" which provides a review of the company's development since 1835. It spans the entire history, from humble beginnings in a small lithographers' workshop in Gütersloh to the worldwide concern of today and reveals what was, and still is, the key to Bertelsmann's success. Following a planning and production period of over a year, the publication was made available to the approximately 100,000 employees of the Bertelsmann concern free of charge. At the prestigious Inspire Awards of the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) the anthology won first place ahead of 425 other corporate publishing publications and was awarded the highest possible rating for the prize for internal communications. The multimedia elements - a bonus DVD with rarely seen photos and film material plus an animated history - were planned and produced by checkpointmedia. Users can interactively "explore" the history of the Bertelsmann concern using a 3D navigation tool. The main navigation element of this tool is a cube that can be turned using the cursor. Each side of the cube represents a different period. When users select a period, the timeline appears as a virtual road that takes them through the most important events - each of which is represented by a 3D excerpt. Each of the milestones can be clicked on. This opens a brief summary and a submenu from which rarely seen visual material and video clips can be selected. In addition, users can apply specific filter criteria to select which milestones are displayed so they can focus on particular aspects of the Bertelsmann story.

TV-Media WebAward 2010 winners
ING-DiBa and Vienna Airport AG
June 1, 2010

At this year's WebAward presented by the magazine TV-Media websites by checkpointmedia won in two of three categories. In the Corporate Websites category the TV-Media users chose the internet presence of the online bank ING-DiBa as their favourite, while in the Service & Leisure category Vienna Airport's website edged out the competition. Both of these sites were created by checkpointmedia and are continually upgraded. The website of ING-DiBa was produced using checkpointmedia's in-house CMS system JART. Since it first went online following compliance with the most stringent security standards, the site has been continually optimised. In particular the attractive product presentation, clear layout and practical web tools make the website especially user-friendly and enabled it to prevail against UNIQA VitalClub and O2Alive. The website of Vienna Aiport,, has only recently been given a new look and a technical makeover. checkpointmedia was responsible for the new presentation of the site content and the new technical features. Flight arrivals and departures are clearly presented and there is a comprehensive search function. In addition, detailed map applications help visitors find their way around the airport. Ease of use and a high level of user-friendliness were the factors that helped the websites of Austrian Airlines and Schärdinger to victory.

Prize at the VIKOM Awards Ceremony 2008
Flughafen Wien AG intranet
November 28, 2008

The host organisation VIKOM (Association for Integrated Communication) paid tribute to the winners of the Silver Feather award in a convivial setting in Harmer's Bar. checkpointmedia picked up second prize in the category "Best Electronic Inhouse Solution" for the extensive intranet project carried out for Vienna Airport.

ARC Awards 2008: Two Awards for checkpointmedia
Telekom Austria AG and Vienna International Airport AG
September 19, 2008

At the annual ARC Awards ceremony in New York, at which the world's best online annual reports are honoured, Austria scored two successes. The online company report of Telekom Austria created by checkpointmedia won silver, while Vienna International Airport's annual report won an Honours Award. On 19th September 2008 the prestigious ACR Awards - the "Oscars for annual reports" - were awarded to the competition's winners for the 22nd time at a gala celebration in New York City. Austria was able to score two successes in the online report category, the online annual reports of Telekom Austria and Vienna International Airport, both designed by checkpointmedia AG, winning a Silver Award and an Honours Award respectively. Both Telekom Austria and Vienna International Airport had chosen to use the online business report tool genesto® to create their financial reports. This tool was developed by checkpointmedia AG in cooperation with Mensalia Management Consultants. What really sets the special tool genesto® apart is that it enables annual reports to be presented on the web in a way that allows information to be accessed faster and more selectively. This year, checkpointmedia partner Mensalia was far and away the most successful entrant in the prestigious competition. The Vienna-based company came away with four "Grand Awards" and no fewer than 13 "Gold Awards". This year, around 1,900 annual reports of listed and private companies, organisations, associations and non-profit organisations from all over the world were submitted. The reports of Telekom Austria AG and Vienna International Airport impressed the jury, which was made up of over 200 experts from the fields of investor relations, public relations, journalism and design.
CCA Awards 2007
ZOOM Children's Museum website
March 20, 2007

The experts' jury of the CCA chose 192 works from over 1100 entries for inclusion in the next CCA yearbook. checkpointmedia received an award in the category "New Media" for the adults' subsite on the ZOOM Children's Museum website.

Year's best online business report 2006
Telekom Austria AG
September 27, 2006

The year 2006 has, for the fifth year in succession, seen a genesto® report chosen as the year's best online business report at the trend Austrian Annual Awards. As was the case in the previous year, it was Telekom Austria's online report that won the jury's Award for Excellence. In another repeat of the previous year's nominations, Wienerberger AG's company report was submitted as a second report compiled with genesto®. genesto® is a special tool for compiling and publishing online company reports and was developed by checkpointmedia and Mensalia Management Consultants.

Multimedia State Prize 2006
Mozarthaus Vienna
September 19, 2006

checkpointmedia has been awarded the State Prize for Multimedia 2006 in the category “Culture and Entertainment” for the Mozarthaus Vienna. The jury's verdict: multimedia at the Mozarthaus Vienna stands out through its clear concept, the variety of installations and the high degree of knowledge transfer. checkpointmedia has created "A whole new dimension of multimedia presentation of information and entertainment for museum visitors in Austria and Europe". At the Mozarthaus Vienna numerous multimedia installations present the world and environment of Mozart, inspired by the media technology of Mozart's time: optical experiments and illusions, automatons and mechanical tricks caused the people of the 18th century to gasp in astonishment. The new media of our age take up this theme, enabling visitors to the exhibition to gain an insight into Mozart's life and times using all five senses. The highlight is the virtual tribute to Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute", set in an oversized theatre model with mirrored performers.
Category Prize at Multimedia State Prize 2006
Visitors' Centre at Austria's parliament
September 19, 2006

Multimedia State Prize: checkpointmedia received the Multimedia State Prize in the category "Public Information and Services" for the Visitors' Centre at Austria's parliament. The jury was particularly impressed by the straightforward interactive access to the complex topics in politics and democracy, which are now available to a wide audience. The jury's verdict: "The multimedia approach to the question "How does democracy work?" has been accomplished in a striking way". Thanks to the use of new media the Austrian Parliament Visitors' Centre has become a place where politics can be truly experienced. 15 media stations offer information and entertainment. The history and the function of the Austrian Parliament are presented in an innovative way. A virtual "magnifying glass" installation enables the visitor to take a closer look at the architectural elements of the Parliament building's façade and also call up information on the rooms that lie hidden behind it.

Gold at ARC Award 2005 for genesto®
Telekom Austria AG
October 1, 2005

At the ARC awards in New York City, the world's biggest awards ceremony for business reports, a report generated using genesto® was, as in previous years, among the winners. The Telekom Austria online business report of 2004 received the Gold Award. genesto® is a content management system for the publication of electronic company reports and was developed by checkpointmedia in cooperation with Mensalia Management Consultants.
Jury's award for Excellence trend Austrian Annual Report Awards
Telekom Austria AG
September 28, 2005

For the fourth time in succession a genesto® report was nominated as the best online business report by the trend Austrian Annual Report Awards. The Jury's award for Excellence went to Telekom Austria for their online report for 2004. Wienerberger AG, another genesto® client and the winner in 2003, was also nominated for the prize. genesto® is a content management system for the publication of electronic company reports. It was developed by checkpointmedia in cooperation with Mensalia Business Consultants.

Worldwide best online business report in the category "Telecom & Media Industry"
Telekom Austria AG
February 4, 2005

Telekom Austria wins the award for the worldwide best online business report in the category "Telecom & Media Industry". At the European Awards Ceremony of the "7th Annual Investor Relations Websites Global Rankings and Awards"in February 2005 in London, Telekom Austria outranked 57 other contestants and was awarded the prize for the best online annual report (category "RAO 1 BEST AR", best online annual report) in the branch Telecom & Media Industry. The IR Global Rankings criteria comprise design (presentation, navigation, etc.), content (depth and breadth of financial and corporate information), technology (maximum use of technology and multimedia), interactivity (user communication and feedback), timeliness, and flexibility (personalized viewing options, language selection, etc.). Online business report as an independent means of communication: Telekom Austria's internet online report meets the highest international standards. "The online business report of Telekom Austria in the IR section of the corporate website doesn't just mirror the printed version but is a stand-alone edition that accentuates communication by means of modern internet technology", Mag. Hans Fruhmann, Investor Relations director at Telekom Austria, said proudly about the prestigious award. There were a record number of registrations at IR Global Rankings 2005. Held for the seventh time since 1999 the IR Global Rankings has confirmed its position as an important international financial market communication contest with a total of 426 companies from 42 contries participating. The IR Global Rankings are organized by MZ Consult LLC, a leading consulting firm for IR and financial services from Connecticut, in cooperation with JP Morgan ADR Group, KPMG Independant Auditors and Linklaters.

Austrian Annual Report Award for Excellency goes to genesto®
Wienerberger AG
October 6, 2004

This year, an online report created with genesto® (for Wienerberger AG) again won the award for excellence at the "trend Austrian Annual Report Awards". genesto® is a special tool for creating business reports online and was created in a joint venture by checkpointmedia and Mensalia Business Consulting.

ARC Award for genesto® online report 2004
Wienerberger AG
August 7, 2004

At the ARC Awards in New York - the world's biggest business report competition - an online company report generated by genesto® was again among the award-winners. The online business report for Wienerberger AG was awarded silver in the category "Construction & Building Material". genesto® is a special tool for creating business reports online and was created as a joint venture by checkpointmedia and Mensalia Business Consulting.
German Multimedia Award
Red Bull "Mayday Bar"
July 6, 2004

At the ninth German Multimedia Award (DMMA) show, staged in Berlin, checkpointmedia won the top award in the category "Interactive Space Installations". This year a total of 423 contributions were submitted to the DMMA, 16 of them were nominated by the international jury. The jury’s verdict was presented by jury member Professor Dr Anja Stöhr of the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Technik und Wissenschaft) in Dresden: The jury notes with great pleasure that seven entries were submitted in the category “Interactive room installations” and that all are of a high and impressive quality. They reflect a new dimension in sales strategies by integrating multimedia technologies into architecture and spaces. The Red Bull Mayday Bar in Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is the centrepiece of the entire hangar and has as it most persuasive feature a focus on communication between the guests. In keeping with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” the guests are also encouraged to fly, and do so at the bar. Although the hardware and software architecture behind the installation is highly complex and was developed especially, it is completely unobtrusive in the bar area and barely noticeable to the guests, even though every guest can immediately and intuitively explore all the bar’s features. Stefan Reiter (member of the board) and Werner Schlossarek (project manager) were present to receive the glass stele. Stefan Reiter: "We are glad to have in checkpointmedia a team that manages to transform impossible ideas into realizable projects. The Mayday Bar in Hangar 7 was a challenge to us in many respects because no other customer leads us to such flights of fancy as Red Bull." Organized by the German Multi Media Association (dmmv), the German Multi Media Congress (DMMK) and the kommunikationsverband (communications association), the German Multimedia Award has been awarded to exemplary online, offline and kiosk applications since 1996. They illustrate the innovative power and capability of multi media communication. Red Bull “Mayday Bar”: the bar on the first floor of the Hangar 7 towers in Salzburg is not only a classic cocktail bar but a spectacular platform for communication and fun unique in the world. The entire surface of the bar, which sweeps round 270 degrees, consists of 18 video projections that provide the visitor with a bird's eye view of a continuous fantasy landscape over which the aeroplanes of the Flying Bulls circle. The visitors to the bar can interact with the aircraft as well as communicate with each other. The Mayday Bar in Hangar 7 was designed and realized by checkpointmedia with Gernot and Raimund Schatz on behalf of Red Bull together with: Instant,Vienna ( - graphic design, Chips at Work, Bonn ( - gesture detection and mechanics.
Genesto® business reports win awards in the USA's ARC
RWE AG and Telekom Austria
July 30, 2003

The online business reports of the German RWE AG and Telekom Austria, both created using genesto®, won awards at the ARC Awards (the "Academy Awards" for business reports). Two of the online genesto® business reports won awards this year at the ARC Awards in New York, the biggest business report competition in the world. In the category "Energy Revenues over $2 Billion" the business report for 2002 of the company RWE AG took second place (bronze; silver was not awarded). In the category "Telecommunications: Other Countries"Telekom Austria came first with its online report for 2002 (bronze; gold and silver were not awarded). This means that genesto reports were able to fend off American heavyweights in the branch such as Duke Energy, IBM and AT&T; at the same time the two reports are - together with Beiersdorf, who also won bronze - the only reports to win that are not from the USA. genesto® is a special tool for the creation of online business reports. It was developed by checkpointmedia AG in cooperation with Mensalia Business Consulting.
trend AAA Awards 2003
Places 1, 2 and 3 for clients of genesto®
July 6, 2003

At the trend AAA Awards, the Austrian Annual Report Awards, genesto® clients were able to claim the first three places in the category "Online Reports": first place went to Telekom Austria, followed by Vienna International Airport and Austrian Airlines. As different as the three award-winning companies and their reports may be, they have one thing in common: their online reports are compiled using genesto®, a tool for the publication of electronic business reports which was developed by checkpointmedia in cooperation with Mensalia Business Consulting. In Germany, genesto® is used by companies such as DaimlerCrysler, Henkel and RWE AG. In Austria, the online reports of Telekom Austria AG, Vienna International Airport and the Austrian Airlines Group proved to be outstanding and received awards at this year's AAA Awards, sponsored by the business magazine trend. The crucial factors were the clear structuring, the numerous logical and very helpful links and the excellent portrayal of the subject matter. With genesto® Online Annual Report, publishers of business reports as well as quarterly and sustainability reports have a target group-oriented and user-friendly publication system at their disposal. This system is characterized by the following points: users can compile their personal version of a company report with genesto®, with information exclusively about their chosen topics. The editing of the topics (structuring, hyperlinking, etc.) is carried out by specialized editorial staff. Numerous further features allow business reports to profit fully from the advantages of the internet.

1º and 2º best Austrian online annual report 2002
Vienna International Airport and Sanochemia
July 6, 2003

"An internet business report is not a business report put online but one that has been designed for this media." (trend) Each year, the Austrian business magazine trend awards its Austrian Annual Report Award to the best annual reports of Austrian companies listed on the stock exchange. In the category "Best Online Annual Report", the winner, Vienna International Airport, attained 94.44% of the possible maximum score; Sanochemia was a close second with 91.81%. Both online reports were published with genesto®, a product of checkpointmedia and Mensalia Management Consultants.

Austrian Museum Award 2002
Haus der Musik
November 11, 2002

The Austrian Museum Award, presented by the Ministry of Education, goes to Haus der Musik in 2002. The jury commended in particular the "overall concept of the house" as having "a high educational value" and the presentation as being "didactically prepared to the most up-to-date standards" with new media being used in exemplary fashion. checkpointmedia is not only located in the Haus der Musik but also cooperates on various installations (e.g. Mozart's "Waltz Dice Game", the large projection of the New Year's Day Concert 2002 in the Vienna Philharmonic Museum).
Oscar nomination "best live action short film"
"Copy Shop" by Virgil Widrich
October 28, 2002

Oscar nomination for Virgil Widrich’s short film "Copy Shop" in the category "best live action short film".
Europrix 2002 for the website
Vienna MuseumsQuartier
October 22, 2002

The Vienna MuseumsQuartier, a checkpointmedia client, wins the Europrix 2002 Quality Seal award in the category "Knowledge, Research and Culture". In the Europrix 2002 contest, the Vienna MuseumsQuartier (MQ) webpage was awarded the EUROPRIX 2002 Quality Seal. The jury was impressed by the quality and intelligibility of the site's content, its simple, user-friendly navigation, as well as its graphical appearance and its technical implementation. The guidelines for the MQ website were developed by checkpointmedia together with our customer as part of a consulting job for MuseumsQuartier.


Wine cellar tour at Stift Klosterneuburg & checkpointmedia website

Opening of the new wine cellar tour in Klosterneuburg Abbey; relaunch of the checkpointmedia website


Dr.Phil. Marc Schuran joins the company as Managing Director and shareholder


The Danube: Graphic design of the Pasetti map

The 44-meter-long reproduction of the Pasetti map in the State Hall of the Austrian National Library offers an extremely precise representation of the Danube on the territory of the Habsburg Monarchy from Passau to the Iron Gate.


Exhibition "Music everywhere!" at DomQuartier Salzburg

Artistic direction of the exhibition about the festival before the festival (1587-1807).


Realisation of "The Alice fairytale"

Sketching of design elements, planning and realisation of technical implementation for "The Alice fairytale" in Wien Mitte.


Sound of Music World Salzburg

At the heart of Sound of Music World are key events in the life of the Trapp family. The story of the famous singing family covers events, changes, constants and disruptions in Austria in the first half of the 20th century.


Event and Exhibition "70 Years of the Marshall Plan"

Concept and implementation for the event and exhibition marking "70 Years of the Marshall Plan"; media installation for Bankhaus Spängler; website for "aspern - Die Seestadt Wiens".


ViolaPoint in the Donauzentrum/Vienna

Media technology and programming for FK Austria Wien’s pop-up store "ViolaPoint" in the Donauzentrum shopping centre; "Figaro Parallelo" media installation in Mozarthaus Vienna.


Media installation for the Leopold Museum

„Parallaxis“, a media installation for the exhibition "A Rush of Color" in the Leopold Museum Vienna; Hallstatt-Website for the Museum of Naturals History Vienna.


Funeral Museum at the Vienna Central Cemetery

Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art: Website Relaunch, Silhouette International Schmied AG: Film to mark 50th anniversary, Vienna Zoo: Implementation of media stations for the “Polar Dome” in the new Polar Bear World, Construction and Design of the new Funeral Museum at the Vienna Central Cemetery (together with OMS).


Experimenta Heilbronn

mobile version of the Albertina website, several websites for the Essl Museum, Elin Motoren GmbH and Hofburg Vienna, Experimenta Heilbronn: Planning and implementation of the music workshop, Virtual Tour through the Vienna State Opera.


MuTh & The Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys' Choir

Technical implementation for the the Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys’ Choir; reopening of the Meteorite Gallery of the Museum of Natural History Vienna; Website relaunch MAK – the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art; Visitor centre for Erste Group’s new headquarters; planning and realization of the consultancy and event centre of Volksbank Hamm.


Website for the Vienna Technical Museum

Relaunch of the website of departure and the Vienna Technical Museum; Media technology for the gourmet restaurant at Palais Coburg; bookrelease "10 years checkpointmedia"; "European Public Space" of the Euopean Union in Wien.


New OPEC Headquarters

Design of the exhibition “The Great World Theatre - 90 Years of the Salzburg Festival”; Website “175 Years of Bertelsmann” as interactive chronicle; Media technology for the new OPEC headquarters.


Exhibition "Linz. City in Luck"

Website and project management for Linz09 - Cultural Capital of Europe; Production and design of the exhibition “Linz. City in Luck”; Creation of a new energy-saving platform commissioned by Salzburg AG.


Zaha Hadid

Development of a multimedia layer on commission of Zaha Hadid for the new Guggenheim Museum in Vilnius, for which she won the international competition; company museum for Krones.


Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Website for the ING-DiBa; New “art & treasure cabinets” for the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.


Austrian Sate Award Multimedia

Websites for the Vienna Mozart Year and the Vienna International Airport; implementation of the media stations at “Mozarthaus Vienna”; Austrian state award Multimedia and category award.


Visitors' Centre in the Parliament Building

Concept, planning and implementation of all media stations in the new visitors’ centre in the Parliament building; Mechanical installation of “Zeit/Lupe” (Time/Reading Glass) in Salzburg.


German Multimedia Award

Production of an e-learning CD-ROM on commission of the OMV; Start of the partnership with JART to develop a web department; The team of wonderworx is integrated into checkpointmedia and equips the four new halls of the Vienna Musikverein with state-of-the-art media technology; German Multimedia Award for the Red Bull Mayday Bar in Hangar-7.


Red Bull Hangar-7 & Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Opening of the Red Bull Hangar 7 in Salzburg. checkpointmedia was responsible for the entire audio/video technology and multimedia attractions, such as the interactive “Mayday Bar”; Re-opening of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds: checkpointmedia implemented the “Crystaloscope”.


Oscar nomination for Virgil Widrich

Presentation of genesto, an Internet tool for interactive business reports. The first customer: DaimlerChrysler; Relocation into the new office premises in Haus der Musik; Oscar nomination for Virgil Widrich’s short film “Copy Shop”.



checkpointmedia Multimediaproduktionen AG is entered into the Austrian Companies’ Register; Creation of a database for Centropa on Jewish life in the 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.



Stift Klosterneuburg
Schönherr Rechtsanwälte
AVN Abfallverwertung Niederösterreich Ges.m.b.H. & Co KG
Agence Mondiale
Al Futtaim Group Real Estate
Aussenwirtschaft Österreich (AWO) Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Austrian Institute of Economic Research
ADAC e. V.
Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co. Aktiengesellschaft
Armstrong Consulting GmbH
Austrian Directors Association
Alsafwa - Islamic Financial Services
Albert Wimmer ZT-GmbH
Austrian Airlines AG
AMA Marketing GesmbH
Austrian Federal Forests
Austrian National Library
Artevent GmbH
Aktivapotheke Maria Lanzendorf
AFC - Austrian Film Commission
Austrian Theatre Museum
BAWAG P.S.K. Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft und Österreichische Postsparkasse Aktiengesellschaft
aws - Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH